Value Proposition

Take IT Monitoring to the Next Level with PacketAI

Become Proactive

Accurately predict IT incidents before they impact your customers

Reduce Alert Fatigue

Eliminate unnecessary alerts by up to 90% so that IT teams focus on what really matters.

Accelerate Resolution

AI recommended actions reduces your MTTR by up to 50%

Improve Top & Bottom line

A hands off monitoring tool boosting revenues and reducing IT costs.

How It Works


1 Real Time Parsing

Using 100+ plug and play integrations we connect seamlessly with your existing tools and systems. Raw event data is automatically parsed in real time using powerful machine learning algorithms.


2 Incident Prediction

Using a combination of supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, our AI sifts through massive amounts of data, clusters alerts into grouped events and runs correlation algorithms to accurately predict incidents.


3 Accelerated Resolution

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), our AI extracts meaningful entities and identifies IT incidents’ root cause, based on a severity score. By using this information, IT teams can resolve the incident promptly, reducing MTTR by up to 50%.


A guaranteed ROI for the verticals below


Make sure ads and content are continuously served at scale.


Deliver a flawless customer service 24/7


Scale your applications without worrying about Infrastructure.


Run applications at top efficiency while respecting customer SLA’s.

Telecoms/Cloud Providers

Never let latency, congestion or drop in performance impact users.


Manage complex environments securely while improving customer service.

Free Trial

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Post trial our pricing is based on the number of nodes we monitor.

Nodes are any Physical or Virtual Network Element, Machine or Server that sends data to PacketAI.

We have different volume based pricing options for small, medium and large enterprises with attractive discounts. Please get in touch to receive a free diagnostic and a customised quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

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My infrastructure is massive, do you offer volume based discounts ?
Yes we do. It will be a pleasure to provide you with a customised quote, please reach out to us.
Our pricing takes into account the underlying Physical or Virtual Network Elements, Machines or Servers that your applications run on. Thus, irrespective of the number of applications running we would only charge you once per node i.e a Physical or Virtual Network Element, Machine or Server that sends data to PacketAI.
Yes, we provide a free trial to all our customers. Please reach out with additional information so that we can get back to you.